Sunday, 10 October 2010

Love Lazy Sundays

It's been such a nice day here! Sun has been shining all day.

After a nice Sunday lie in we had some scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast and 2 slices of lean breakfast. AMAZING!

Then a quick trip to the pet shop and supermarket for supplies before going back home.

I baked my Christmas cake. I used this recipe by the queen of Baking Mary Berry. The house has been filled with wonderful Christmas smells :-0

For lunch I made some tofu and vegetable brown rice. Yummy. Did a bit too much though so had to throw some away- hate waste!!!

For dinner I made lemon chicken and served it with some brown noodles and salad.

As it was Sunday and I've been craving it all week I made a mini apple and blackberry crumble for me and Phil and served it with some light vanilla ice cream- perfect!!!!

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Question for today: What 3 foods can you not live without?

Mine would be- prawns, wholegrain bread and honey I think. Bit of a tough call!

Bedtime reading: 15 Minute Stress Busters

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