Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy Friday

Hi guys,

Sorry blogging from the crapberry so pics are all at the top!

Hope everyone has had a fab day. Mine started with a feeling that I had something important today but couldn't think what it was so I went on with my day. Toast for breakie and then picked up my sister for a look round town and we shared this seafood platter for lunch. Amazing! Mackerel, prawns, crayfish, anchovies, salad and granary bread. We couldn't finish it though! I got some bits from the health food shop- organic coffee, dairy free choc, organic rocksalt and oatmeal.

Anyway driving home I had a call on my carphone. The kitchen inspector was waiting at my house to check my kitchen. Because I run a cupcake business at home they have to check it. That was the something important!! Well I left washing drying in the kitchen, including pants! A random pumpkin that my gramp dropped off and my breakfast dishes left on the side! Nightmare. My kitchen is always clean but I'd left this stuff out! IDIOT!! Anyway it was all ok!!

So after that I prepared for my cupcake class tomorrow and tried a new cupcake recipe- banana and chocolate cupcakes filled with caramel..enough said!!

Then my gorgeous Phil came home. Missed him last night. And we had dinner of chicken wings and homemade oven chips. Not healthy but not too bad as they were baked.

Then we watched Spooks and I had a nice hot bath. Lush!

So now I'm off to read The Clean & Lean Diet and then off to Bedfordshire.

Another pic of Muffin getting up to no good!

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