Friday, 8 October 2010

TGI Friday!

Hi guys, it's been really nice weather here for the past few days. October is looking better than our summer!!!! Hope it stays nice for the weekend :-) Planning to go chestnut picking with my sister and Connor to get our stash for christmas!!

Breaky this morning was a Breakfast cookie. Delish.

I then had a mooch round town, popped to see my Nan and then my sister. Nice to catch up with them.

For lunch I had some steamed dim sum as a treat ans then snacked on some spicy sea weed- love this stuff!!!

Dinner was a salad of chicken and bacon, so so yummy. I never buy croutons now, so easy to do your own. I just cut some granary bread in cubes, sprtiz with fry light and put in a medium over for 10 mins. Easy!!!

Plan on making my christmas cake this weekend. The dried fruits have been soaking in sherry the past 3 days so they are all ready to go. Also got a few other bits to do around the house but plan to have a pretty chilled weekend as I don't have a cupcake class to do.

I've just ordered 2 books from amazon. The Kind Diet and The Clean & Lean Diet. I'll let you know how they are. Anyone read them?

Bedtime reading: I've been try to eat a lot healthier and one thing I'm keen on is organic but in the UK organic means "push the price up" and with me and Phil struggling financially I have to buy as much as I can at the value end. But this article from ZEST gives some good info on what's worth buying organic.

Right I'm off to read a magazine before bed :-)

Jess xx

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